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Ptolemeou Klavdiou 8, 10442, Athens, Greece
23 Year of experience in the Trading field of well living products.

With a background of more than 23 years, Greentech is proven to be a helpful ally to those who choose to co-operate with us. Whether you are seeking to buy the best products in the market at the best prices or sell your stock to other markets than your local, we have the experience; we have the means and the knowledge to pull everything through with great success.

We count clients and co-operators all over the world, in more than 20 countries who have trusted us as their partners. Building a good business relationship with foreign countries demands a lot of effort, liability, understanding and the correct transaction conditions.

Being in this field for so long, millions of pallets with merchandise have been delivered to a broader market outside our base in Greece. Therefore we do know how to deliver our merchandise in safety, on time and with the lower cost. This as a conclusion gives you by the end of the day the best prices in the market and shipping costs are no obstacles for you anymore.

Our very well trained and experienced department is very familiar with the running trends. As a result to that, this department is always seeking for the best products around the world to deliver to you and even undertake a task to find for you anything unique. We are here to fill you and give you the opportunity to become a competitive business in your local market and support you in any way we can.

We welcome anyone who wants to join our team, and constantly seek partners for channeling our products around the world and their own local market. We welcome both companies and individuals who have what it takes to become our resellers and partners in this Effort of providing the best products around the world in affordable prices.
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Ptolemaiou klavdiou 8 Athens 10442, Greece

Tel:0030 2111038080
Tel: 0030 2111038080
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Tel:0030 2111038080
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